Get an EGR valve cleaner with HYDRIVE and more.

With a HYDRIVE cleaner we remove soot from valves, underside of nozzles, EGR valve, turbo, particulate filter, and exhaust, as well as a catalyst cleaner.

HYDRIVE in particular can help keep the particulate filter clean - and why is it important?

To learn more about this, read on below.

How does a particle filter work?

Following the introduction of the Euro 5 emissions standard (launched in 2009), car manufacturers for all new vehicles were forced to reduce emissions of particles emitted into the atmosphere. This type of emissions is especially high in diesel engines because of their design.

Therefore, carmakers came up with the establishment and implementation of diesel particulate filter systems. Among all the harmful substances that come out of the exhaust, it is the solid particles or benzopyrenes that require the installation of a particulate filter.

The mechanics of a diesel particle filter.

The function is simple: the solid particles traveling with the exhaust gases are retained, while the gases - which are catalyzed - escape through the porous walls and are expelled through the muffler. When the amount of particles retained in the filter reaches a certain level, the backpressure sensor sends a signal to the electronic controller demanding to activate the regeneration process.

The regeneration takes place periodically at intervals of 400-800 km depending on the driving pattern. It consists of increasing the exhaust gas temperature up to the carbon particles' self-ignition temperature (550ºC) by means of special engine control programs that include variation in ignition and post-injection times. The rise in temperature burns the trapped carbon particles in the filter to partially convert to carbon dioxide, which escapes like a gas from the filter - leaving the filter cleaner (ash left) and ready to collect particles again.

Except for a minimal technical difference, all filtration systems work quite the same.

When do regenerations occur?

According to the manufacturer and the models, the temperature that the system must reach to purify must be about 600ºC. This particle filter regeneration is basically a combustion of the accumulated soot. The engine control unit knows when the filter is full because it has a sensor that measures the pressure difference between the filter input and the filter output.

This also means that if the pressure is the same between input and output then the filter will not work. If the pressure at the input is higher than at the output (up to a certain level), then the filter will work properly. And when the pressure difference reaches a certain level, the regeneration process starts.


The most obvious symptoms of soot in the engine are:

- Black smoke: The black smoke from some vehicles is due to inappropriate air / fuel conditions (either gasoline or diesel) - where there is an incineration under oxygen deficiency. This is mainly due to engine blockages - mainly due to soot in the intake part and exhaust systems.

- Increasing fuel consumption: The increase in consumption is primarily due to a malfunction in that the valve does not close completely and generates incomplete combustion due to the reduction of intake air. Finally, there is also increasing consumption due to the amount of carbon particles clogging the particle filter.

- Lack of power: Accumulation of soot in the engine and intake section causes errors in the regulation of air supply and clogging of the valves and EGR valve and causes errors in the manifold, clogging of the diesel particulate filter and deterioration of the exhaust system which together increase emissions.

This causes electronics malfunction readings and results in engine failure which in turn causes the car not to pull properly or even get serious damage.

How can HYDRIVE help with that?

HYDRIVE is an internal engine cleaner for petrol and diesel cars. Our cleaning method is more efficient than other known technology thanks to the amount of hydrogen introduced into the engine. Regular engine cleaning with HYDRIVE avoids unpleasant surprises such as soot repairs and problems with the engine.

Clean your particle filter with HYDRIVE and extend this life - which will save you a lot of money and worries.
Our car cleaning is 100% environmentally friendly.
Our engine cleaner cleans inside petrol and diesel cars.

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