5 tips to pollute less with your car

The pollution from vehicles is the cause of almost half of all air pollution in Denmark. In addition to the environmental impact, pollution also results in more deaths annually than smoking. So in short, it is common sense at every level to pollute less. Therefore, here are five good tips on how to pollute a little less in everyday life.

1. Driving Less. Fewer mileage means less emissions of harmful gases and particles. Jump on the bike or walk when you have the opportunity. Then you are doing both good for your health and the environment.

2. Do not leave the car idle. You waste fuel and wear out the engine. Most newer vehicles do not need to be heated in the winter, so there is no need to turn on the engine until you are ready to drive. Less idling from diesel-powered cars, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving fuel.

3. Drive with your colleagues. If you live close to your colleagues or they live on the road to the workplace, it makes good sense to drive in the same car. l. Public transport is the best way to reduce pollution in traffic. Which is logical, for four people only pollute once, so in the long run your efforts make a big difference.

4. Drive wisely. Cars were invented to carry heavy items from A to B. And so we could move faster over long distances. If you have a car, consider when there is a good reason to drive it. If you have to shop around the corner, leave the car. And remember that public transport is always a cheaper solution for you - and better for the environment.

5. Drive over and get a HYDRIVE cleaner. HYDRIVE is an easy way to get rid of accumulated soot in the engine, and the cleaner helps your car's engine emit fewer harmful gases. Good for you, your family, your car, your wallet and the environment.



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