Cleaner air with HYDRIVE - also on Euro 6 buses

In April, FORCE Technology was wih one of our ProCare Partner in Hvidovre, Denmark, Poul Anchersen, to test our cleaning method on Euro 6 buses.

FORCE Technology's measuring equipment was mounted on the bus, after which it traveled a predetermined route before and after cleaning - in operating heat condition.

Based on the extensive tests, FORCE Technology prepared a report and below are the main results:


City driving after cleaning of engine

Motorway driving after cleaning of the engine
NOx Emission reduced 10% Emission reduced 69%
CO Emission reduced>53%* Emission reduced >88%
HC Emission reduced >55%*


Emission less than detection limit both before and after cleaning. Concentration change cannot be calculated. 



* Since the measurement result is below the detection limit after purification, the reduction rate is determined to be greater than the specified calculated value.

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