HYDRIVE – cleaner car engines and cleaner air

HYDRIVE is a Danish company working on optimizing all internal combustion engines. By combining new technology with hydrogen, we have created an environmentally friendly engine cleaner. The result is a more efficient and maintained engine. At the same time, it emits fewer harmful gases and particles, and this applies to all cleaned engines: in cars, buses, trucks and trains. The more we clean, the cleaner air we get in the cities.

HYDRIVE is a leader in hydrogen cleaning of engines in Denmark and Sweden. We are, because we invest time and resources in developing further in environmentally friendly ways to clean internal combustion engines. We are moving into several new countries, because what we are passionate about is contributing to cleaner air in the world by lowering the emission of harmful gases and particles.

We can't wait until 2030

School students and young people are fighting for the clima, and thousands of prominent climate scientists and other scientists are backing their protests. Everyone who has read the news in recent months knows that we need to do something now if global warming is to slow down.

The UN Climate Panel, IPCC, said in 2018 that just it is only av50-50 chance of slowing global warming by 1.5 degrees, and it would require global CO2 emissions to be half reduced by 2030.

Here, one year after the IPCC's conclusion, global emissions have risen. In Denmark too, although we pride ourselves on being greener than so many others.

So it is no longer enough that we sit and wait for politicians to take care of the problem. We must start with ourselves. Almost half of all air pollution in Denmark is due to traffic. Therefore, it makes a difference if you get your engine cleaned. More precisely, a hydrogen cleaner can reduce the amount of greenhouse gases from your car by up to 70%. A fairly effective contribution in the fight against air pollution.

We have just designed the HYDRIVE engine cleaner to lower greenhouse gas emissions and make the engine more efficient so that it also consumes less fuel. Depending on the way your car is driven, the engine needs cleaning at least once a year to maintain the lower emissions of harmful substances. The hydrogen that a HYDRIVE cleaner sends into the engine reduces the accumulation of soot from the inside. This means that the workshop does not have to use chemicals or disassemble the engine. Hydrogen, is a pure gas, and the waste product from the process is water. The method is thus perfectly safe. 

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And what do you do to reduce pollution?

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