In the summer of 2018, one of AutoBude's trucks received a HYDRIVE ProCare engine cleaner at our test center in Hedensted. AutoBude is a transport company with distinctive red cars. They have head office and warehouse hotel in Hedensted and a branch in Greve. Autobudes cars cover large distances every year as the company freight goods throughout Denmark and Europe.

The truck that received a ProCare cleaner had run 293,000 km since 2016. When we talked to Brian Basse, caretaker at AutoBude a few months after the cleanse, he told us the following:

“I drive a DAF 106, 510HK from 2016. I have had the truck from new. Before the HYDRIVE clean it had run 293,000km. I have now driven 13,000 km more and can easily feel that it has got a quieter engine and pulls better. At the same time, the turbo pressure comes faster and I drive an average of 150 -200 meters longer per hour. liter. "

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