Brdr. Kier

Brdr. Kier is a wholesale company focused on steel, plumbing and water and drainage products. The head office is in Hasselager, and the company has branches in Aarhus, Skanderborg and Horsens.

Truck engines have a particular benefit of ongoing maintenance as it is bad for the business every time the car goes for a workshop. In July 2017, Brdr. Kier cleaned one of their trucks with HYDRIVE ProCare ™.

“One of our trucks was given a HYDRIVE cleaner in July 2017. It has gone from driving 2.9km to 3.4km per hour. liter on average. A 17 percent improvement. The truck is ready for a new clean, but here a few years later it has run over 50,000 km without any problems - and so we usually clean or replace particle filters for every 20,000 km. ”Says Martin Hollensen, driver at Brdr. Kier.






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