Keolis in Hinnerup, the leading public transport provider in Denmark and internationally, in 2018 tested HYDRIVE ProCare ™ on 15 of their buses. Especially newer buses need a loving hand, because environmentally friendly engines and filters more often stop, and here HYDRIVE gold is worth. The workshop manager Anders Farre Nielsen is in no doubt that the engine cleaning works. He took a ride in one of the first cleaned buses and could feel the difference. The drivers could also feel that more vehicles gained significantly more traction and the back pressure in the filters has improved.

"Previously, we replaced two to four filters a month, which equals thousands of dollars. Since HYDRIVE has started coming here, we have not replaced a single filter," says Anders Farre Nielsen.

Operations manager Freddy Jepsen is also very pleased with the results. He tells:

"We avoid the disruptions of sending a bus to a workshop for two days due to a clogged filter. The buses run on the roads where they belong and there is more peace of mind about planning and operation."




Figur: Keolis testresultater

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