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How does HYDRIVE work?

The cleaning machine cleans your engine internally by supplying highly active hydrogen upon suction. Hydrogen effectively removes soot formation inside your engine - from intake to particulate filter.

What types of cars can get a HYDRIVE cleaner?

We clean all kinds of cars and trucks - both gasoline and diesel, but not electric cars.

Where can I get a HYDRIVE cleaner?

Check out where your nearest authorized HYDRIVE partner is.

What does it cost?

Our suggested price is DKK 899, - incl. VAT

What benefit do I get from a HYDRIVE cleaner?

Most people will notice that their engine has become more 'happy' after a cleaning. That is, it gets a quieter engine, better fuel economy, and less pollution. And then the cleaning helps to maintain the engine in general.

Do you do a hole in the intake?

You can choose to drill a hole in your suction hose on the suction side (which more than 90% does) where the HYDRIVE machine is connected. After cleaning, the hole closes with a special plug that ends completely close, which makes it easy the next time you need to have your car cleaned. Alternatively, the suction hose can be detached and the hose from our machine laid down in the suction. Talk to your HYDRIVE partner about the best solution for you.

Is it advantageous to give my new car a HYDRIVE cleaner?

Typically, we recommend starting with HYDRIVE to clean your car after 50,000 km. But there can be large variations here, as it depends on many factors such as driving pattern, engine type, year, etc.

When to start using HYDRIVE?

Normally, we say that it is good to start maintaining your engine with a HYDRIVE cleaner when your car has driven over 50,000 km - on a regular driving pattern.

How often is it necessary to get the engine cleaned?

Again, this depends on many factors - e.g. engine type and driving pattern. One rule of thumb is once per day. year.

Can HYDRIVE damage my engine?

No, HYDRIVE cannot damage your engine.

Does a HYDRIVE cleaner repair my EGR valve if it hangs?

The short answer is no. However, we have solved this problem several times; but HYDRIVE is a maintenance product and not a repair product.

Will a HYDRIVE cleaner help if I have a motor failure?

The short answer is no. However, we have solved this problem several times; but HYDRIVE is a maintenance product and not a repair product.

What happens to the residual waste?

When a HYDRIVE cleaning is made, some of the soot contained in the engine (and the particulate filter if your car has it) is converted to ash. This ash comes out through the exhaust pipe, or ends up in the particle filter that just needs to collect this.

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