This is how the cleaning machines work


HYDRIVE currently has two different types of cleaning machines. One is for cars with engines up to 3 liters, and the bigger machine that can handle engine sizes up to 20 liters. Read more about the TC6 under ProCare.

Both cleaning machines can clean all types of internal combustion engines by supplying high-active hydrogen that effectively removes soot deposits inside the engine - from intake to particulate filter.

Although there are years of research into the technology of the machines and the technology behind it is complex, the cleaning machine manages most of the work:

Cleaning machine:

- automatically monitors the entire process

- notify when cleaning is done

- is computer controlled and equipped with safety devices

HYDRIVE standard cleaner

Up to 3 liters of engines
Passenger cars and other smaller engines



Up to 20 liters of engines.
Larger passenger cars, trucks, trains and larger boat engines.


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