We sponsor Ronnie Bremer and several others

In early 2018, HYDRIVE signed a sponsorship agreement with Ronnie Bremer. The racing driver competes in the Danish motor sports best class DTC and has since 2014 driven for Racing Factory.

Throughout his career, Ronnie Bremer has achieved many triumphs and has both competed in Denmark and the United States. In May 2018 he was at the Jyllandsringen in Silkeborg for the opening of MASCOT Danish Thundersport Championship 2018. We were out there and asked him if he could feel the difference after the private cars have been cleaned. We can only interpret the answer as saying that he also runs races in his sweep sheet:

"I was a little skeptical about HYDRIVE at the beginning, but I can feel the difference between my private cars. I have an old Fiat, a sweeping blade that has driven 375,000 km. It has got 10 km more at the top and goes 3 km further on the lighter. "

HYDRIVE also sponsors the professional driver, Kenn Egtved, and was official sponsor of MadBull Racing in DTC in 2017.

Finally, HYDRIVE also supports various good purposes: Including the Stake for Life 2018.

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