A new method for cleaning the engine in the inside with Hydrogen

What is HYDRIVE?

HYDRIVE is a Danish company with a clear ambition to optimize all internal combustion engines. We do this by combining the latest technology with high-active Hydrogen to create an environmentally friendly engine cleaner. A clean engine is more efficient and healthier, and at the same time it emits fewer harmful gases and particles. This applies to cleaned cars, buses, trucks and trains - and the more we clean, the cleaner the air we get in the cities.

We are the leader in cleaning engines with Hydrogen in Denmark and Sweden, and our plan is to get the same status in the new countries we start up in.


Our vision is to lower the emission of CO2 gases and other harmful gases and particles in the world.


Our mission is to become the world leader in hydrogen alternatives for the cleaning of internal combustion engines, as well as developing hydrogen technologies where conventional combustion systems are currently available.

Patented technology

HYDRIVE's machine produce high-active hydrogen that cleans internal combustion engines for soot more efficiently than any other known method or technology.

Although our technology is so good that we have a patent, we are continuously developing our product - both internally and with external partners and research institutions.

Previously, cleaning processes have required the use of toxic chemicals or dismantling the components of the engine and subsequent expensive cleaning. HYDRIVE's technology effectively cleans engine and catalysator from the inside - without the use of chemicals, and without disassembling components.


HYDRIVE - rensning af motor indvendig med højaktiv brint 

Development and the man behind

HYDRIVE was founded by Uffe Lauge Jensen, who previously worked with some of the largest American motorcycle manufacturers, just as he was the man behind the world-renowned Lauge Jensen motorcycles. With a passion for engine optimization, he continued to design engines with fuel-saving measures - designs that reduced the emission of toxic particles and permanent clean engine.

Uffe's work, collaboration with experts in hydrogen technology and more than three years of experiments and live tests has resulted in the development of a hydrogen technology - our cleaning machine - which can be used on all engine designs that run on fossil fuel. Read more about our machines here.

Did you know that…

  • All car engines are producing soot and, over time, driving shorter on a liter of fuel and polluting more
  • Newer car engines stop faster than older ones
  • Urban driving, where the engine does not get sufficiently warm, sucks vital components.
  • HYDRIVE only takes 20-30 minutes (of which 10 minutes workshop work).
  • A HYDRIVE cleaner lowers flue gas discharge by up to 80 percent - and discharge of NOx by up to 50 percent. 
  • Our hydrogen cleaner improves your fuel economy by up to 10 percent. 
  • HYDRIVE is 100 percent environmentally friendly. 


HYDRIVE - Rensning af motor 

Guarantee on a HDYRIVE cleaning

HHYDRIVE is a patented and 100 percent environmentally friendly method that effectively cleans your engine inside in just 20 minutes. The cleaner produces and supplies an accurately metered amount of hydrogen that degrades and removes soot deposits in the engine.

Nine out of ten customers feel a great improvement on the car's engine running and up to 10% optimization of fuel consumption.

At our authorized HYDRIVE partners, we provide 100% guarantee at work. * We recommend that you clean your car's engine every six months or every 10,000 km.

This helps to keep down harmful soot formation and clogging problems.

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* The warranty covers a properly performed treatment with HYDRIVE and the stated intervals are expected averages. Deviations may occur as a result of the age of the vehicle, engine or control unit failure and special driving patterns.