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And remember, your car will also love a HYDRIVE cleaner as it removes harmful soot from your engine. So, in addition to the fuel savings, you will also be able to enjoy greater driving pleasure and longer service life on many vital parts of the engine - which helps reduce the bills for your workshop.

* The calculations are based on an expected fuel economy saving of 10% after a cleanse.

Guarantee on a HDYRIVE cleaning

HHYDRIVE is a patented and 100 percent environmentally friendly method that effectively cleans your engine inside in just 20 minutes. The cleaner produces and supplies an accurately metered amount of hydrogen that degrades and removes soot deposits in the engine.

Nine out of ten customers feel a great improvement on the car's engine running and up to 10% optimization of fuel consumption.

At our authorized HYDRIVE partners, we provide 100% guarantee at work. * We recommend that you clean your car's engine every six months or every 10,000 km.

This helps to keep down harmful soot formation and clogging problems.

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* The warranty covers a properly performed treatment with HYDRIVE and the stated intervals are expected averages. Deviations may occur as a result of the age of the vehicle, engine or control unit failure and special driving patterns.