Hydrogen engine cleaner that optimizes the operating economy of your fleet


All companies with a fleet know that taking a vehicle out of service is expensive because a particulate filter needs to be cleaned or replaced. With HYDRIVE ProCareTM, which prolongs the life of your particulate filter and lets you run longer on the liter.

HYDRIVE ProCare is a 100 percent environmentally friendly technology that cleans gasoline and diesel engines from the inside with hydrogen. This makes both engines and particle filters more efficient, while the pollution of the vehicle is reduced.

Significantly more traction at Keolis

Keolis, a company based in Denmark, which is the leading supplier of public transport in the country and internationally, initially tested HYDRIVE on 15 of their buses. Especially newer buses need a loving hand because more environmentally friendly engines and filters stop. Workshop Manager Anders Farre Nielsen says:

 "Previously, we replaced two to four filters a month, which is equivalent to thousands of dollars. Since HYDRIVE has started to come here, we have not replaced a single filter. The back pressure in the filters has also improved and drivers report that more vehicles have gained significantly more traction. "



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“Previously, we replaced two to four filters a month (...). Since HYDRIVE has started coming here, we have not replaced a single filter.”
Anders Farre Nielsen, Workshop Manager at KEOLIS
“One of our trucks has gone from driving 2.9 km to 3.4 km per hour. liter on average. In a small year, it has run over 50,000 km without any problems - and so we usually clean or replace particle filters every 20,000 km.”
Martin Hollensen, driver at Brdr. Kier, May 2018


HYDRIVE ProCare ™ engine cleaner provides the following benefits:

 - Better fuel economy: Even with a maintained fleet, our customers now save up to 15 percent fuel on their vehicles.

- More environmentally friendly exhaust gases: You emit up to 50 percent fewer NOx and up to 80 percent less flue gas.

- Clean the engine's vital parts: Engines are sweeping over time, especially during city driving. Regular cleaning ensures better traction and regular engine running.

- Prevents clogged particle filter: Keolis in Denmark has been running for two months without replacing a single particle filter. Brdr. Kier has run more than twice as far as usual on the same particle filter. None of them have needed forced regeneration. Read more about experiences here.

- Extends engine life: Clean your vehicles for soot, you will experience fewer mechanical problems with valves and nozzles. It gives fewer hours in the workshop and thus several hours for normal operation.

- Make the fleet more environmentally friendly: With the additional product Blue Sky®, you get documentation that you have become more environmentally friendly.

More than 15,000 cars have so far been given a cleaner engine with HYDRIVE, and the method is safe, tested and proven on many, many vehicles and in continuous internal tests.

Both FDM and the Motor magazine are positive after visiting our test center in Gedved. Among other things. gave the Motor magazine the HYDRIVE 6 stars in June 2017.

Our business customers include Keolis and AutoBude. Read more about them here


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